Live To Death (Single)

by Awake! Awake!

(free) 04:25


The new single "Live To Death", which began from an instrumental piece originally recorded for the soundtrack to Pop Rocket, a sci-fi/comedy series from filmmaker Olan Rogers:

Inspired, in part, by the book Death by Living by author N.D. Wilson:


released August 21, 2015

Vocals and Lyrics - David Brent Johnson
Piano & Production - Andrew Goodwin



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Track Name: Live To Death
A dream is all
This will remain
As long as I stay here
The lights if not
Fanned into flames
At last will wane and disappear

Spill me till there's nothing left
Empty heart and body bent
I will live myself to death
I was meant, I was meant
To be spent

My love with nothing
More to give
I wish myself to stay
May laughter spill till empty lungs
Pour out their last refrain