Future Fire (LP)

by Awake! Awake!




released July 27, 2013

All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by Awake! Awake!

David Johnson - Vocals
Andrew Goodwin - Guitar and Vocals
All drums by Taylor Powell except track 1
All bass by Chad Turner except tracks 1,7,8
Programming and String Arrangements by Andrew Goodwin
Additional Production by Jimmy Mansfield, Ryan York and King D

Ryan York played Rhodes on track 6
Jimmy Mansfield and King D sang group vocals on track 4

Recorded at Jimmy Mansfield’s Studio
All Live Drums on tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Bass Guitar on tracks 2,3,4,6
Vocals on tracks 3,4,7
Guitars on tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7
Timpani on tracks 1,6,7
Rhodes Piano on tracks 6,7
Guitar Synth on track 3
All other instruments Recorded at Andrew Goodwin’s Studio
Tape Transfer by Chris Mara at Welcome to 1979 Studios

Thank you to all our family, friends and fans
and especially to Melanie Mulford, Matthew Welch, Randy and Patricia Goodwin, Matt Thomas, Jim Johnson, Mary Catherine Goodwin, Olan Rogers, Ed Hudson, Eddie & Jean Macon, Nicelle Priebe, Jennifer Goodwin, Bob Martin

Album art by Awake! Awake!
Copyright Awake! Awake! 2013.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Heart On Fire
Heart on fire

I walk into a future
So far removed
From all that I’ve once known
Oh, how much now I don’t know

Soul on fire
Track Name: Restless
Restless soul
Be still

Bursting at the seams
One piece in the machine
Frantic you work
But feel lost in the blur
All you need to be
Is breathing and beating
Away from the noise
You’ll know who you are

But you won't wait
In the quiet spaces to see

Days they just repeat, the
Days they just repeat, but
Wait now
Can you still believe it
Can you still believe
Your heart, your dream
You’re remarkable
So where did the fire go
Your heart, your dream
You’re remarkable
So young to be so old

No time to slow down
There’s just too much to lose
But the more you race
The more you’re alone
Trade isolation
For a rich solitude
To be still and know
How little you know

If you will wait
In the quiet spaces, you’ll see
Your truest self
And the world
You can make

You have a gift to show

So escape
Now it’s time to run
To the safety of
Now it’s time to just

Restless soul
Be still
Track Name: Taken
Such cowardice I am capable of
Inside me lies a runaway lover
What darkness drives me ever inward
Within me lives a prodigal father

Why do I always choose to run
Or only hide behind my armor
To know a brave surrender
Why do I choose to run
In the longings of your heart
Like armies marching
In the longings of your heart
Let me be taken

Whether with sword, flattering word, or kiss
Still all men kill the thing they love
But I am captain of my conscience
Teach me to die, to resurrect all that was once pure

Let me be taken

By beauty and by innocence
So I can learn how to fight, how to fight for
Track Name: A Sweet Economy
Skipped the taxicab
To walk this night
Along the city street
Through the alley
And your threadbare world,
Surprised to glimpse a smile
Grateful I'm not there in your shoes
But should I be
You were there dancing
In the glow of the streetlights
And the trashcan fires

I see in you
More than I've built
Crumbling satisfaction
Or greed
Take me all the
Way down
To such a sweet economy
There's just enough
Enough for each of us

Traced the horrors
Of your war-torn world
Across my TV screen
Imagine my shock
To watch the laughter
Now lighting your bright young eyes
Could my heart live
Where you are
What audacity!
You were there singing
In the shadow of gunfire
And dark desire


I’ll stay here
Beside you til it comes clear
Contentment is a flame
Burning brighter
Burning brighter
The blacker the night

I see in you
More than I've built
With every tower of
Crumbling satisfaction
Or greed
Take me all the
Way down
To such a sweet economy
When it comes to joy
There's just enough
Enough for each of us
Track Name: Tomorrows
I'm thankful now for every tear
For every scream of health
Breath and breath filling the lungs
As you embark upon yourself

Meanwhile I'm such an unlikely
Suspect for a hero
In the story that's unfolding
Terrified that you need me
Yet I move with strange propulsion
My body anxious and aware
Heart and hands somehow in motion
Steady and prepared

In the dark tomorrows
That choice and chance will bring
I will hold to hope, it won't choke
The more tightly that I cling

The fall and rise
My fears by night
I’m seeing what I can’t stop
Then seeing you stops me
The fall and rise
Your chest by mine
I believe that you and life are

As we reach this sudden precipice
Where chance and faith diverge
Faith must rest on evidence,
Repel blind fears as they emerge,
And leap to see
Hope upon hope
Within the human heart
That will endure beyond its beats


So good to hold your hand in mine
To feel the warmth of your tiny fingertips
So good to know that life can thrive
Bursting forth from the barren ground
Track Name: Clever Spies
All we have known
Feels fragile
Harsh lines and cold

We were clever spies within the silence
We’d infiltrate the night with light and vibrant melodies
Singing only shadows now of true songs
We’ll search the dark for sparks of something true

As we embark
On uncharted depths
With both doubt and bold

We’ll sing
Like its our last song
Sing into this brave unknown

We were clever spies within the silence
The silence where we’d
Infiltrate the night with light and vibrant
With vibrant melodies
Singing only shadows of the true songs
Ignite the dark with sparks of all that’s true
All that’s true
Track Name: Equations
Take my measurements and try my best
To piece together all the scattered musings
All of my sure instruments attest
No solutions for equations of love

Splendid uncertainty
My mind perfectly at ease to say
I don't know
I don't know

As I grow more and more immersed in you
My heart evolves, my world dissolves to less and less
Well-mixed within your own until I can't tell
Where it is that you begin and where I end

Track Name: We Were Home
Like a ghost
Of the garden
We move
Like a memory
Of love
The thought
Of what we lost is
Too much

Run like rivers
Remember when we were young and wild
Run like rivers
Remember when we were young
Remember when we were home

Run like rivers
Remember when we were
Run like rivers
Remember when we were home

Like a ghost
We know
We're not what we were
We move
Like memories
Could we return